Easily and automatically record and archive your Microsoft Teams calls, meetings, screen sharing and chat to comply with industry regulations. Using a cloud solution native to Microsoft Teams and hosted in Microsoft Azure, NTT's Compliance Recording for Teams integrates seamlessly into your collaboration platform and removes the complexities of recordings and managing multiple technologies end-to-end.

Cloud collaboration is simpler than ever with calling, recording, support and managed services from NTT.
With NTT Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams and unlock several important, instant benefits:
  • Ensure you are meeting industry compliance requirements
  • Capture insights to improve how your staff collaborate & serve customers
  • Protect your business while driving performance
  • Maximize your return on your investment in Microsoft 365
Do all of this while offering a familiar user experience due to native integration within Teams. As a Microsoft Teams certified solution, you are assured of its quality, experience, ease of use, and suitability to your chosen platform and experience.
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