Are you cyber resilient? 

Resilience ultimately comes from recovery. The very best defence is still no guarantee against a  cyber-attack. It’s important for boards and senior management to assume that they will be breached and ask the question, ‘how do I recover’?

Effectively, the quicker you can recover and limiting any data loss is your measure of resilience.

How do you develop your organisation’s cyber risk profile and cyber risk appetite, and use this to improve your overall cyber resilience?

We’ve developed an hour-long workshop to help board members, considering the different requirements for types of organisations and industry sectors. For a hospital, loss of access to patient records or the network being down for even an hour could result in the loss of life, whereas a retailer may be able to withstand a week-long business disruption.

The aim of our Cyber Security Board Simulation workshop is to guide board members towards asking the right questions of their security teams. The focus is not necessarily on how much money should be spent on security, but on how business can be continued in the event of a cyber incident. We use real-life cyber incidents to help board members understand where their organisation stands, identify any weak points and put measures in place to strengthen defences.

When we talk about security, the most important part of a good security program are not the security applications themselves, its about the recovery. Please keep focusing on resilience, because resilience is what’s going to save you.

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