Managed Private 5G Service
Unlock the potential of new mmWave technology 
Introducing a fully managed private 5G (“P5G”) service, NTT enables enterprises to build highly secure digital infrastructure operating on fast data transfer speeds, ultra-low latency, and massive connectivity - an important step towards the city's digitalization journey.

Deployed with the innovative millimeter wave (“mmWave”) technology running on 26GHz to 28GHz spectrum, Docomo Business aims to help Hong Kong enterprises build a  private 5G network to support the massive demand for uplink-centric IoT and Mission-Critical(PTX with VoIP, text and Video) applications running on single robust wireless network . - making it an ideal network for connected devices to transmit information quickly and efficiently at an enterprise level.

The Future Connected Enterprise

IoT Connectivity

90% of time is uplink
demanding services

Clean spectrum but requires care i.e. signal overspills, signal interference
kills everything

IoT devices are interfering
each others in uplink

Monitoring &

Devices expansion
and mobility

Requires SIM
authentication design

Continue efforts in radio
optimization by applications

IoT Mission
Critical Connectivity

More attention needed comparing
to best effort solution
End to End Integrated Approach
Combining the well-established full-service portfolio of NTT in Hong Kong, from data centre infrastructure, network and applications, NTT helps enterprises develop their purpose-built L5G network including design, operate and manage. The service is ready to deploy 5G/IoT solutions which are commercially tailored for industry verticals. 

Key Benefits of P5G
High Performance
& Reliability

Dedicated to an enterprise or a geography: fast connection speeds, low latency, interference free, guaranteed performance
Network Security
& Control

100% private, scalable, keep
local traffic on-site, SIM security, granular application-level experience

Cost Savings,
Free Up Budget

Cellular networks allows an easier deployment to complement Wi-Fi. 5G takes advantage of greater power levels, less hardware

Mobility and

Industrial environment 5G solution with granular application-level experience and seamless cell handoof

Industry Expertise
Established in 1999 in Hong Kong, NTT has been a global leading IT infrastructure and services company, offering data centre, network, cybersecurity, technology solutions and managed services. With the extension of Docomo Business from Japan to Hong Kong, we are empowered to accelerate enterprise digitization journey and transform into fully connected enterprises.

Combining the well-established full-service portfolio of NTT in Hong Kong, Docomo Business’ managed private 5G service not only provides the backbone infrastructure to deploy ready-to-market Internet of Things ("IoT”) solutions at speed, but also offers fully managed services for ongoing operations and upkeep of the network.

Docomo is a world leader in the deployment of leading edge mmWave technologies to support enterprises with their business strategies and solutions. Docomo has conducted approximately 850 projects from service to launch. Through its 5G Open Partner Program, Docomo has collaborated with over 5,200 partners with the aim of creating innovative 5G services.
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